For most of us, our 2016 CrossFit season is over.  Applaud yourselves for making it through a fun but tough 5 weeks!  I'm so proud and excited for each and everyone one of you!  Many of you were put in uncomfortable territory, up against tasked that seemed so far fetched we sometimes ask ourselves, "why am I doing this?" then remember to quickly tell that voice in our heads to shut up.  That's more than half the battle. The Open is not just a world wide competition, but merely a 1 on 1 main event agasint yourself every Friday. 
In the last 5 weeks I've learned a lot from watching you all, and hope you learned a lot from your performances.  Strengths and weaknesses.  You proved to me you're ready for bigger and better things, but most importantly proved to yourselves that you were capable of such feats you never thought possible.  Whether it be a chest to bar pull up, anxiety of competition, bar muscle up, fifty five heavy deadlifts, or hell in the form of 16.5
!  100% effort is a 100% victory, and all of you won.

I'm excited for another year of training with you all.  Now on to a bigger, stronger and faster you!



15 Minutes to find a 1RM Snatch


For Time:

2000M Row
*Keep track of this time.  We'll refer back to this throughout the next few cycles.