Super Total Registration

Saturday, June 2nd 2018, Ketchikan CrossFit will host a fundraiser, Super Total, in support of Epilepsy Foundation Northwest - Team Owen O'Bryan.  A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the Local team during there annual Epilepsy Awareness 5K.  

The Super Total will consist of 4 lifts:
Snatch (weightlifting)
Clean and Jerk (weightlifting)
Bench Press (powerlifting)
Deadlift (powerlifting)

Athletes will have the option to do all 4 lifts, or opt only for a weightlifting total, or push-pull total.  

Filling out the registration form will be the first part of joining in this fun event.  
-If you are doing the super total, please fill in all openers, you can change this when you check- in.

-If you are doing either the weightlifting or powerlifting total, put NA on the other two lifts.

Saturday, June 2nd, 2018 our doors will open at 9AM for weigh-ins (only judges will know!), signing of waivers and warm-ups.  

Athlete Briefing at 9:45am

Fun and Lifting at 10:00am

Look forward to meeting you and watching you lift heavy weights!

any questions, feel free to contact Kevin Manabat @907-617-4940, or add it in the message board.


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